Non-Scale Goals

Walking past the mirrored wall I stopped to read a section of post-it notes with goals for non-scale victories (meaning nothing to do with getting on a scale to weigh yourself). I saw a lot of physical goals, like being able to hold plank for x amount of time or being able to do an unassisted push-up. Those were all great and yes something tangible to work toward. Then two jumped out to me and made my heart melt. Because those 2 are goals you can’t touch but you sure as heck can feel on a deeper level. Instantly, I had a connection with those two notes. That was me, I know that woman that person.

Love Myself...

The first one “Love (actually a hand drawn heart) Myself”. A heart in place of the word “LOVE”!

Divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me. All I wanted was to be loved. But yet, did I even love myself. Looking back, the honest answer, NO. No, I didn’t. The fear of being alone and shame of not being married with a family kept me in a relationship that wasn’t right for me. Often compromising who I really was and the thing I wanted to do, to make someone else happy. I sold out on myself more times that I can count. I lost my voice, literally a few times. My only notion of boundaries were property lines surrounding my house (seriously). I had no clue people set boundaries or that it is healthy to do so.

Growing up no one taught me how to love myself. Yes, I g

oogled how to love myself. Sure enough Google had some answers. I had to do a lot of unbecoming and rewiring. Loving myself could be something as simple as eating the right foods or something as big as being impeccable with my words (more so the ones I spoke to myself).

Adjacent to the first note that jumped out at me was the other “Journal 3x/week & Four Agreements”.

Part of unbecoming myself meant I had to do the work, I had to dig in and do the self-study. It’s not the Dear Diary we wrote as kids. This is the real work of turning inward. My journal is filed with ink blots from tears hitting the pages. The entries are the raw vulnerable truth. Doing the whole-self work and getting back to the first time I felt that emotion. It’s not only documenting the hard days; it’s also a keeping record on days of gratitude.

Journaling is a great place to practice The Four Agreements.

  1. Be Impeccable with Your Word

Your words have power, the power to heal and the power to harm. This goes for all words, even the unspoken ones.

  1. Don’t Take Anythi