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Conquering FEAR

12/14/2020 Journal Entry: “You cannot run from fear, you have to open the door and let it in.”

OK, I guess I have to deal with this fear lurking in the back of my mind. I keep trying to push it away, redirect my attention and thoughts, tell it that it doesn’t exist, or fill my life with so much activity that I don’t have to deal with it. My fear is still there. How do I get rid of this unwelcomed guest?

You open the door and let fear in. You look fear squarely in the eye and confront it. You acknowledge how it came into existence – born of your own thoughts covered in clouded perception. You dig down deep and recognize the truth, the history of how your fear came to be, and your intentions to eradicate it from your life.

Take courageous steps forward leaning into the fear that has kept you in bondage. As you do this, each time you do this, fear loosens its grip until it finally dissipates into nothingness. Love and joy take its place because darkness cannot survive in the light.

Steps to conquering fear:

Give voice to your fears and discharge them from your body and mind.

Face fear squarely head on.

Recognize the “real truth” of fear.

Take courageous steps forward.

Celebrate freedom!


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