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Moon Meditation Rituals

New Moon & Full Moon Meditation/Rituals

Hello! I am so grateful to be writing the blog this month! My name is Randi and I will be leading moon rituals at Tula!

What is a moon ritual, you ask? Well, its basically an offering, a ceremony, a meditation during the full or new moon which asks the universe for release, healing, understanding, abundance and really anything you could think of. And each time the moon is full or new, it is in a different astrology house, which will guide you to what that moon cycle can help you manifest. Each ritual is a little different as each moon represents something different.

The full moon is for release, letting go, forgiveness. It's about renewal, starting fresh and leaving behind any negativity, any doubt, any sadness, any bad vibes you may have been holding onto. The ritual for the full moon reflects that. In the full moon ritual, we will journal the things we need to release, let go of. And then we will take that piece of paper and burn it, release all the negativity associated with them. Then we will cleanse our hands in water and symbolize our cleanliness and eagerness to start anew.

The new moon is all about abundance and manifestation. It is a time to put your intentions and wants out into the universe so they can manifest it into reality. In this ritual we will take time to say our intentions out loud and on paper, letting the universe know loud and clear what we want. We will also write out abundance checks which we will carry with us at all times, a check that will already say paid in full because we put the intention out in the universe we already have what we seek.

We will start each ritual out with a mediation. We will reach out to Mother Earth and Father Sun and tap into the four elements of the earth. We will ask them for healing and guidance. We will become grounded and relaxed, allowing our minds and bodies to become deeply conscious. Then we will center ourselves and prepare for our journaling sessions. We will end each ritual with a breath moment of silence and gratitude as we prepare to move forward and either manifest or release.

Our first ritual will be January 2nd, the full moon in Cancer but the main influence comes from Venus. Venus increases your need for love and affection and it will affect your letting go of relationships and any sexual tension or issues you are dealing with. If you have any rose quartz, please bring that to the ritual as it is the healing crystal of love and the heart chakra. Also, jade, green tourmaline or green aventurine are also heart chakra crystals and will be helpful.

The new moon is on January 17th in Capricorn. Capricorn is all about planning, being ambitious and kind. So this will be a perfect opportunity to set steep goals and write abundance checks for everything you can think to manifest. This coincides with your solar plexus chakra, so if you own any Tiger's eye, citrine or amber please bring them.

January has two full moons, the second being the 31st. This is extremely important as it is almost a cosmic push from the universe to clear, let go and release any negativity you have carried over from 2017. This full moon is a blue moon AND a lunar eclipse and will be in the house of Cancer. Cancer is all about family, mothers, comfort and home. It also strongly centers around parenting. This moon will be perfect for parents or spouces and will be a great guide to letting go of any resistance you may have in your family or home life.

I will provide most things you will need for the rituals, but please feel free to bring any crystals, candles, journals, pens ANYTHING to personalize your ritual!!! This is an extremely personal journey, all I do is guide you towards your own release or manifestation. The moon phases are a great time to go within and I cannot wait to share this with everyone! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at! Also, check out my podcast The Mindful Heart podcast available on Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes and Google Play. I will be talking about these rituals in my next episode! Thank you so much and I cannot wait to start this journey with all of you!


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