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Out of Practice and Full of Excuses? Rededicate with Patience and Compassion

When Wellness Routines Fall Off Track, Return to Practice with Compassion

Do you resonate with the cycle of starting a yoga or meditation practice with optimism only to lose steam after some time? You’re not alone. Centuries ago, the sage Patanjali described this struggle in his Yoga Sutras.

In Sutra 1.30, Patanjali acknowledges we’ll all face obstacles like illness, doubt, laziness, and distraction that knock us off course. When this happens, feelings of distress, despair, and unease can arise. Our breath and bodies become agitated.

This is a normal part of the ups and downs of practice. The key is what Patanjali suggests next, in Sutra 1.31: come back to your center by recommitting to concentration, meditation and breathwork.

Return to your intentions gently, with compassion. Remember the joy and clarity even brief moments of practice can provide. Set aside judgment or frustration with yourself.

Start again where you are, even if it’s just 5 minutes per day. Over time, the energy, inspiration and peace culled from mindfulness will compound. Consistency arises organically when we connect with our inherent wisdom.

As a bonus, studies show even short daily wellness practices can boost mood, reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, and more!

But don’t get caught up in striving for lengthier or rigorous practices if they aren’t realistic right now. Meet yourself where you’re at. Your body and spirit will appreciate any effort to unwind and reconnect.

Take it one breath, one moment at a time. Have faith that with gentle persistence, your practices will stick when the time is right. Keep going - progress evolves on its own rhythm. Your wellbeing is worth the patience.


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