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Are You Listening?

We all get messages - all of us. Sometimes we listen and take action motivated by our guardian angels / spirit guides, and sometimes we don't. We might have really good reasons for putting off action...I am just too busy, money is tight right now or I need to prioritize someone or something else. Beware: 'fear' is underlying thought.

Loving energy, our spirit guides, God, The Universal Divine never leads us astray - NEVER! 'Fear', any flavor, however cleverly disguised is our shadow side, and keeps us trapped in a cycle of suffering, discomfort, however great or small.

So muster the courage, lean into vulnerability and push that shadow out; step into your light; believe that all things are possible; and take positive action. The universe will always conspire on your behalf. Ask yourself: What do I need to do right now? Listen to the answer and then take action! You will be amazed.

With much love,

Susan Smith

Founder, One-Yoga, LLC

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