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The Healing Power of Yoga, Reiki & Breath-work: My Journey From Skeptic to Believer

Like many, I used to think exercise meant pounding the pavement for miles. But after dealing with some health struggles, I realized I needed a gentler, more holistic approach. That's when I discovered the healing power of yoga, Reiki, and breath-work.

Trying yoga was a revelation - who knew slowly flowing through poses could leave me feeling so energized yet relaxed? The combination of physical movement, focused breathing, and mindfulness is magic. Studies back this up, showing regular yoga reduces anxiety, depression, and inflammation while improving sleep quality, cognition, and overall wellbeing. My achy joints definitely appreciate the increased flexibility too!

Reiki was new to me but quickly won me over. The warmth and calm transmitted through a practitioner's light touch dissolves tension like nothing else. Sessions left me feeling nourished and centered. Research shows Reiki decreases pain, fatigue, and symptoms of stress. I can totally see why cancer patients find Reiki comforting during chemotherapy.

Learning different breath-work techniques has empowered me to find calm anytime, anywhere. By simply modulating my breathing patterns, I can kickstart the relaxation response and lower blood pressure. The mental clarity that comes with oxygenated blood is awesome. Science confirms breath-work also improves respiratory function, mood, sleep, and more. My sleep is the best it's been in years!

I never expected yoga, Reiki, and breath-work to become crucial parts of my self-care routine. But the proof is in how much better I feel. These modalities complement each other beautifully to nourish mind, body and spirit with their gentle healing properties. I wholeheartedly recommend giving them a try to anyone seeking a holistic boost for wellbeing. I'm so grateful I stepped outside my comfort zone to let them work their magic in my life.

Explanation of Anuloma Viloma Pranayama:

Alternate nostril breathing? Sounds weird, right? But hear me out. This yoga breathing technique called Anuloma Viloma Pranayama has some cool benefits.

It’s super simple to do. You use your fingers to close off one nostril at a time while breathing in and out through the other side. Switch back and forth, inhaling on one side and exhaling on the other.

I know, alternating nostrils seems funky. But it has a calming effect. Starting the pattern always chills me out. And the rhythmic breathing is hypnotic, almost like a moving meditation.

Studies show it can lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate as you sink into a relaxed state. Pretty neat how simply controlling my breathing has that physical effect!

My mind feels more clear and focused after a few rounds, too. It makes sense when I remember breathing brings oxygen to the brain. Come to think of it, I should really do this before tackling tasks that require concentration.

The research also says this technique can help reduce stress and anxiety. I totally get that, because the deep breathing forces you to just be present. It’s hard to feel worried when you’re in the flow of that peaceful breath cycle.

Honestly, I was skeptical about alternate nostril breathing at first. It sounded New Age-y. But I was dealing with some anxiety so I gave it a go. I’m really glad I did, because I sleep better and feel more calm since making it part of my routine.

Something so simple yet powerful deserves a shot. Slowing down to actually feel each breath has its advantages. Being present beats being perfect!


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