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Today I Choose To Be The Light

I’ve always joked around, saying that sometimes I’m so hardheaded that God has to hit me with a hammer so I can see and hear what she/he is trying to say. COVID and quarantine was most certainly a hammer for all of us. Darkness cannot exist without light. Darkness, fear and anger are the propulsive forces of the separated self. Darkness is there to show you, me, us the discomfort in separation and the solution. There’s an old saying: “When suffering becomes too great, change is inevitable”. That is darkness stoking the fire of ego to transform and return you home to Source Energy, to God, to oneness. That is yoga; or at least part of it. But darkness cannot exist in the light, and you get to choose where you want to live. That’s free will. Do yo

u want to live in fear, worry, anger, resentment, darkness? Or do you want to live in love, assurance, joy, contentment, light? So come into the light… It’s that simple and it’s that difficult (or so your ego thinks). Just come into the light. We all have choices, and you can make that one today. “Today, I choose to see things differently. I choose to be in the light.” With much love and gratitude, Susan Smith Founder, One Yoga, RYS


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