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The Masks We Wear

Shedding My Masks...

This morning, I was reflecting on how I got lost, how I forgot who I am. So I thought, I would share. Maybe you will find this helpful as you continue on your journey to self-awareness, peace and joy.

Shedding my masks:

I lost me when I stepped into the perceived archetype of a mom and wife. I put it on like a piece of clothing and wore it completely. And even though I like to wear certain outfits that fit my mood and reflect elements of my personality, they are not me. That item of clothing - that role - is not me; it does not define all that I am.

The 'real' practice of yoga is like getting naked. When we practice, we strip away the outer layers, the roles, masks, archetypes, the outfits that we have worn. Some of these outfits, we have worn for a lifetime.

Those masks helped me...they help all of us, and I am grateful; they served there purpose. The real me, the essence of me is so much more than one outfit, role, or archetype. I am a passionate, purposeful, caring, intuitive; I am a loving being that enjoys connecting, sharing, listening, teaching, creating, being serious and emotionally intimate, playing and doing crazy adventurous things that test my boundaries. I am part of the universe, part of you and (w)holy me.

So do you know who you are? If you are ready to shed your outer layers, then come join us for a class, workshop or better yet our yoga training; it is a journey to your best self. Come Home to You! You will love it.

With love and blessings,

Susan Smith,


Wilmington, DE


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