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As our hours of daylight become more precious we return back to our routine of simpler times. The hustle and bustle from the past months have begun to slow down.

For me, this is a time to reconnect with my community, my hometown.

I've called Dover, home for most of my life and autumn is my favorite time of year here.

Dover seems to come alive in the Fall. Between homecoming's from the surrounding high schools and universities, parades and fall festivals, there is always something to enjoy during the warmth of our autumn days. Making a stop to Fifer's and walking through their annual corn maize. And not to forget Fifer's Apple Cider, chilled or warmed, its always a tasty treat.

I enjoy taking my time driving downtown. State Street's tree line embodies all the deep rich colors of fall. If you have the opportunity to make this drive at night, crack your window, you'll get the scent of wood burning fireplaces mixed with the chill of the autumn air.

Autumn is a nice reminder to slow down, to be present and enjoy the all of the little moments. We get a couple of weeks to open up the windows and let in the crisp air, the scent of fall, the sounds of sporting events and cargo jets flying overhead. All the things that make Dover home.

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