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My place of refuge

Depression has been an on and off visitor for most of my life and I often have a hard time moving past those heavy emotions when I awake in the morning. Yoga, reiki, meditation, and journaling have certainly helped me cope with my depression, however some days are easier than others. In the midst of trying to better prioritize these practices into my daily life I realized that I needed to not only carve out my "me time" everyday, but I needed that to happen before I began taking care of everyone else in my life.

Like most working mothers my day often begins with checking email and social media, preparing breakfast, coffee, feeding and letting out the dogs, and making

sure everyone gets out of the door on time. But in this chaotic lifestyle I have been starting my day off by taking care of everyone else, and then later on in the day when time permits I get to take care of me. Going straight into this fast paced routine without giving myself the proper time to neutralize my sometimes heavy emotions has made getting up in the morning a sometimes dreadful experience.

When I realized that I needed to set the tone for my day with my meditation practice, I took inspiration from from my good friend Anoma to create my mediation space. I LOVE my meditation space, it is my little corner of refuge and peace. I start my mornings silently in meditation, then I am more prepared to take on everything else my day requires of me. It is my sanctuary where I can just spend a few moments of each day in internal reflection.

So if you are interested in creating your meditation space at home or in your office here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Opt for Peace and Quiet.

When Choosing your meditation space make sure to find a space in your home or office where you will experience minimal sound and interruptions. It's nearly impossible to find your zen when you hear the dog barking or your son's musically notifications sounding off every 30 seconds.

2. We are Going for Optimal Comfort Here.

Consider where you will be meditating, maybe using a meditation pillow, or a spot where you can sit against the wall to support a comfortable meditation posture. Making sure to choose a space that has a temperature that is comfortable to you, or keeping a blanket handy to warm you up when the temperature drops.

3. Clear the Energy.

Consider smudging your home and meditation space with sage to create the optimal balance of energy. If our energy is blocked we have a better chance of moving some of that stuck energy in a space that is already clear.

4. Use an essential oil diffuser.

Add an aromatherapy element to your meditation space and take your meditation experience to the next level. Some of my favorite oils include lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass.

5. Light a candle.

Bringing your mind and body from a place of fight or flight into relaxation is more easily achieved when you provide an environment that is peaceful and inviting. Set the mood by lighting a candle and begin the internal journey.


Cristina M. Colón

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