Returning Home to Self

Returning home taking refuge

In the Buddha in myself,

May I, together with all beings,

Realize my true self

Returning home, taking refuge

In the dharma in my self,

May I, together with all beings,

Practice the wisdom of mindfulness,

Understanding and love, in all my daily affairs

Returning home, taking refuge,

In the sangha in my self,

May I, together with all beings

Create harmony with others

I am awake that these three Gems

Are within my heart,

I vow to realize them.

My first summer that I’m not working and I have time on my hands to do the things I really want do. The things in my heart that I know I am; that I know I can achieve; that I know I can realize if I just had the time to work on them. So, this is my time, my opportunity to really become all the things I want.

As I realized that now I had the time to do the things i wanted to on a spiritual and emotional and metaphysical basis I had an awakening. I became ”woke” to my self. I realized that I do have the time to practice these inner yearnings. I always have the time. Despite work, family, friends and myriad other inte