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A New Twist on New Year's Resolutions

What is your intention for 2019?

The word resolution has its roots in the Latin word 'resolutus', past participle of 'resolvere' which indicates finding a solution or settling. Resolutions often have both positive and negative connotations because we as ego-oriented individuals evaluate ourselves and others by achieving or failing at something.

Here's a new non-attached approach. Resolute means admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. It is a courageous and spirited intention calling forth gutsy action and mindfulness. Now, let's take away the attachment of achieving something and the aversion of failing, and approach our resolute intention from a loving perspective free from judgment or condemnation.

Here's the opportunity: What admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering intention can I direct my energy towards that is rooted in pure love?

It might be committing to a yoga practice, daily meditation, learning something new, or more patience with your kids, a weekly date night or monthly massage. Only you can decide. Think about it as adding something positive instead of removing something you perceive as negative.

Here is mine that I am committing to the Universe:

"I am dedicating my energy to be as fully present as I am able in each conversation I have with each person I encounter."

What is your admirably purposeful intention for 2019? I invite you to post it out loud, committing something in writing is an excellent means of manifesting.

Wishing you all a fabulous, abundant, joyful 2019 filled with peace and blessings beyond your wildest imagination.

With love,

Susan Smith

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