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Envision Yoga

Join Carmela Jade for an afternoon of transformation...

I first discovered envision yoga during my 3 week intensive Yoga Teacher Training back in 2016. I remember feeling vunerable during the practice having to say the things I longed for most out loud. My whole life I was taught to reach for the stars by my parents, but my past broken inner voice thought I did not deserve those things. After the first practice I had with Envision Yoga I cried, finally admitting that I was the only one who held myself back. I left my teacher training changed, as most do, but I couldn't shake off what mark Envision Yoga made on me. Fast forward 2 years, in July of 2018, I found myself craving more. I met a group of phenomenal creators come October in beautiful Portugal and we began to dissect this practice created by my teachers, Vidya and Jennilee. Jennilee led this training and the pieces began to fit. Our energy centers hold meaning, past traumas, ways of limited thinking. Understanding and being able to visualize the chakras is so important to this practice as we link up our mantras of evolution with them. We begin to challenge our inner voices, learning that how we talk to ourselves is just as important as how we talk to others. We speak our successes and failures into existence. And once we start to speak the things we need or want as if we already have them, our behavior and actions start to follow suit. This invites us to make real changes to accomplish the things we dream of. Many motivational speakers, such as Tony Robbins, a deep knowledge of the chakra system, and an injury leading to a heavy Kundalini practice, all influenced this transformational yoga that Vidya coined. Syncing Neuro-linguistic Programming with our Chakras, and the power of movement through Kundalini inspired yoga, you can start making your dreams a reality. I am honored to share this practice and create a space of growth for each and every one of you.

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