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Yoga: The Best Medicine Ever

For me, Yoga is the best medicine ever, as it reintegrates what was long ago torn apart. It is an oral and experiential tradition sanctified through direct practice. And it is in the practice that the healing occurs.

Think about it: we spend thousands of dollars each year on health care and health insurance to treat conditions once they exist. We take medications, go to therapy, and allow ourselves to be poked, prodded and diagnosed. We’ve surrendered our power to individuals wearing white coats who can only offer help through what we tell them and what they see.

Now don’t get me wrong…traditional medical care is tremendous and saves countless lives every day. However, each of us as regular human beings possesses the ability, the power to self-heal. That self-healing happens on a deep personal level when we are ready to dedicate the time and effort to our self-care. Self-healing occurs when we are ready to take a long hard look at the thoughts, actions and habit patterns that created the dis-ease in the first place. It is not as easy as popping a pill, but it is just as simple and has profound lasting effects.

I am so happy that traditional medicine is finally coming onboard with holistic alternative practices. I guess the proof of just how well certain holistic practices work can no longer be ignored. And the great part, Yoga, Mindfulness and Ayurveda won’t cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in doctor’s bills.

So if you are curious or ready to earnestly commit to your own self-care and wellness, then join me for a week long retreat where each student learns and receives the benefits of healing, health and vibrant living through direct experience and practice. That is what “The Spiritual Path of Yoga” is all about.

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