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I Love When it Storms

I love when storms come. One of the best parts of a big storm for me is that it often knocks out the Wi-Fi. That forced disconnect from an electronic world of work, bills, mindless TV and social media is a grateful reprieve.

Yesterday was a lovely day filled with practice, meditation, mindful eating, and playing cards with my awesome 20 year old son, good conversation, laughter, reading and rest. Our world is full of amped up electromagnetic energy that is not human or healthy. Don't get me wrong, I like and appreciate technology and all the benefits it gives us, but I love human connection, 'being' and transcendent experiences that are only available in present moment living.

So the questions I posed to myself and the ones I offer you are: "How can you take just one day a week to completely disconnect from electromagnetic energy and plug into the human experience? What would it look like?"

Unplugging is one of my favorite experiences about the retreats I lead and enjoy. I literally lock up my phone and PC and don't use it. I wake up and without a plan see how the day unfolds. I am open to all experiences that happen. I see everyone and everything. I enjoy conversation, feeling and emotional intimacy...and it is all good.

That is the experience I also receive when I'm at the beach. And my challenge now is how can I foster that transcendent state of being at least one day a week in my everyday life? Perhaps you would like to join me in this personal challenge because today I feel great and I want to and will feel that way every day!

Sending you light, love, peace and joyful blessings,

Susan Smith

Founder, One Yoga

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