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Do Not Fuel the Beast of FEAR

This is a personal invitation for collective prayer and meditation. This is a way of changing and choosing what we want to give our energy to. Everywhere I turn, I hear or see something about the corona virus and it is surrounded by fear. There is so much negative energy fueling the beast of fear. Just stop it. Stop giving your precious time, your ears, your eyes your words, and vibration to fear. Just don't do it; it's that simple. Yes be mindful to wash your hands thoroughly, cover your cough or sneeze, eat wholesome nutritious food, exercise, sleep, rest, and foster health. That's just plain common sense. Fill yourself with nourishment on all levels, and send out, vibrate at a higher level. A lot of people pay lip service to the law of attraction, maybe some don't believe it. But right now what's happening in our world is the law of attraction in action. And as co-creators, part of the divine pool of human collective consciousness, you have a choice. You can choose to talk about illness, death, isolation, quarantines and fill our space with pure darkness. Or you can choose to stay calm and centered, visualize our magnificent bodies building their own antibodies; you can choose to see health, life, connection, and community in unity. It is a fact that fear suppresses our auto immune system, inhibiting its own healing ability. So why in the world would you do that right now? I would like to invite you all - every single soul on this earth to a collective prayer and meditation, a time when we all come together to sit with our breath and give positive attention with intention of healing our whole world, our earth, our home, the Self. Please join me this Sunday March 15 @ 11:11 am. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, all you need to do is pause, find a comfortable seat, breathe deeply fully and follow the breath. Plug into the Divine and connect, go beyond the mind. If it is helpfulvisualize healing, joy, laughter, connection and love, then do that. Sit quietly and listen, be with your breath, with your pure spirit, send out positive prayers to the entire world; just breathe and "BE". I will broadcast this via Facebook Live for those of you who want to join me. Let's be part of positive change and energy - now and always.

Susan Smith

Founder, One Yoga

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