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We All Have Issues. We Don't Get a Hall Pass Without It.

We all have issues whether it’s about being the oldest child and always feeling responsible for your younger siblings, or because you grew up in a toxic abusive household and have been protecting your whole life. Maybe you’re the rebel, people pleaser, quiet one, or life of the party. Perhaps you felt restricted or controlled; perhaps you are compensating or comforting because you saw how much pain another person in your family was causing others.

Perhaps you never felt heard or simply craved attention and love.

We all have issues however great or small. We often attribute this perception to our moms and dads because they were our primary caretakers – our first contact with the world – or not. We might attribute these perceptions to our friends or a partner because when we were growing up we had experiences that took root as beliefs.

These are samskaras. Samskaras are cellular energy stored in the body as a result of thoughts and feelings experienced through the lenses of our perception. We may label these as good or bad. They are beliefs and habituation, conscious and unconscious that are filtered through our experiences. They are not the truth.

This is our work in yoga – in life…to clear samskaras. And our practice of yoga is not just on a physical level.

Our personal work, yoga is:

The study of self (who we believe we are)

Through the self (our filtered experiences)

To the Self (the truth of who we really are – as part of the divine)

And when we are on this journey, we are coming home so please join us for a class and come home to ‘Self’.


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